An Architect has a Social Commitment with Mankind to Design means Built Environment, which shall be Functional, Efficient, Economical and Appropriate for his Age, and shall also establish contact with the Rich Heritage of his forefathers and five a Right Direction to the future Generation and Act as a link between the Past and the Future. This is a challenge to the Architects since the beginning of civilization.

 At Present Approximately
3000 Architects Pass Out every Year which is a small number for a fast developing country like ours.

After Successful completion of the course the student has a wide choice of different paths to build his career.

The Students can seek admission to post graduate courses in Architecture, Town Planning, Urban Design, Landscape, Housing, Transport Planning, Building Management Etc.

 There is a tremendous Potential to establish oneself as a consulting Architect and Interior Designer.

Job Opportunities can be availed in Private, Government and Semi government Institutions and Colleges of Architecture.

 It is interesting to work as an Architectural Critic and Journalist.