The College has developed excellent and adequate infrastructure to enhance the academic and cultural talents of the students community.  

Lecture Halls and studios:

Each class has a spacious lecture room attached with the studio. It is furnished with drawing boards, stools and stands and lockers for the students.  


a) Photography : A fully equipped photography laboratory is open to all the students to developed their skills and talents and master the art technique of photography.

b) Climatology Laboratory : The students have access to this laboratory equipped with all necessary charts, thermometers and other equipments to study the shades, shadows and other climatic factors influencing the design of the built environment.

c) Model Making Workshop : Students can work with various tools and cutting  equipments available in this workshop to produce excellent models for understanding and presenting their architectural design philosophy and principles.


 Workshop and Material Museums:  

Extensive and exclusive collection of various products and materials related to the building industry.



The college library is one of the best architectural library in this region. The library at present has 4000 has subscription to 30 magazines and journals. Every year the library seeks addition of new books and journals. Worth 1.5 Lakh Rupees.



 Audio Visual Room :

It consists of slide projectors, overhead projectors, epidiascope and T.V. with V. C. R. It also has a library of Video cassettes and slides related to issue in Architecture.


 Multi Purpose Hall:

 It has a capacity of about 250 seats. Here students can organize various events, cultural competitions. Lectures and slide shows of eminent personalities in Architecture as well as other related fields are arranged for the benefit of the students.


Computer Center :

A computer laboratory with hardware setup of 486, 386 and Pentium PCs as well as digitizer, scanner, plotter, etc. and software setup of latest software’s including AutoCAD R 13, Auto Architect, Build master, 3D Studio etc.

Hostel :

Our college has now organized a hostel facility for the female students a little distance away from the college premises. One full floor of the girls hostel run by the “Mukhyadhyapak Snagha” has been booked. This Hostel is newly built and has excellent facilities of mess, security, 24 hr. hot water supply etc. the institute itself has a hostel and can be made available to students at a very cheap rate.