Activity ......

1. Seminars, Slide Shows and Workshops : A number of workshop, slide shows exhibitions and talks by eminent architects, artists and artisans are organized every year. 

2. NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture) : Is annual convention is an occasion for interaction between students and staff of all the architecture college in India. Several trophies for various academic works and a number of “on the spot” competitions are won by our students each year. .

3. Vistar: is the zonal activity of students of architecture under which students of south Maharashtra and North Karnataka come together, to conduct lectures and competitions on various subjects.

4. Spic-Macay (Society Promoting Indian Classical Music and Cultural Among Youth) : which is an all India level organization of students A number of programs of renowned artists to cultivate an awareness of the rich and varied cultural set-up of our country have been held in college of Architecture, Kolhapur.


5. Ex-Students meet : Our college has made special efforts to maintain contact with our alumni. An ex-students association has been formed. Every year all the alumni are invited to attend an ex students meeting with the students, faculty. There they discuss their work and experiences on the professional and personal fronts. This is an enriching experience both for the current students and the faculty.

6. Sanwad: "Sanwad" is a voluntary Organization of the students of college of architecture, Kolhapur. SANWAD’s activities cover a wide gamut of fields such as literature, debating fine arts, performing arts, etc.

7. Magazine: “ Dimensions” an annual magazine is published every year, which includes articles, sketches, poems etc. on architecture and other related fields. Recently a monthly wall-magazine “Domain” has been launched. This is being editing by each class by turn.

8. Competitions:  
Competitions are held amongst the students at interclass level in projects such as collage, face painting, Rangoli, Mural, Carving, Cartooning, Clay-modeling, Traditional day, Debates, Antakshari etc.

9. Cultural Activities: Every year an annual gathering and exhibition of the students work is held. The gathering is used as an opportunity for interaction between the parents, students and the faculty. The duration of this activity is two days and features two interclass competitions one for dramatics and the other for giving exposure to the talents of the students in music, dance, visual, presentation, etc. The script, direction, stagecraft, lighting etc is all done by the students and is evaluated by external specialists in each of these fields. The exhibition is kept open for public appreciation and awareness for 3 days.

Our college has been participating every year in the cultural activities of the Shivaji University “Youth Festival” and many other competitions. A large number of Prizes have been won by our college. In fact the general championship of Youth Festival of Shivaji University has been consistently won by our college for several years and National “Youth Festival” Championship Trophy for Dance etc.

10. Study Tour: Two annual study tours are conducted every year. One for F. Y., S. Y. and T. Y. Arch and another for final year (I & II) these are organized to different parts of the country and even to neighboring countries. It is very intense activity involving detailed study of places of interest from architectural point of view.
Students learn first hand about historic places and architecture and local culture through sight seeing, photography, sketching, interviews and dialogue with experts.

11. Sports : Our students organize annual competition for different sports such as cricket, badminton, table tennis, carom, etc. They also take part in outside competitions at various levels namely collegiate, district level etc.

12. Sketching Club: The students especially first year ites are encouraged to go on guided sketching trips on Sunday as sketching ability is a very important part of an architectural training.

Film Club: Our College has collection of several audio-visual cassettes on architecture and related subjects Cassettes and films are also brought form outside and screened every Saturday.

Our attempt has always, been to equip a students with the awareness of the totality of the problems relating to human habitat and the right approach to the process of achieving the most satisfying solutions. To give him a grounding of the historic and cultural aspects, but at the same time equip him with contemporary knowledge and technology.