The student seeking admission to M.Arch. course must have passed Bachelor's Examination in Architecture from recognized University securing minimum Second Class (min 50% marks and above, for grade equivalency refer to council of Architecture, India Norms). The admission will be based on the rules framed by the Council of Architecture competent authority from time to time.

Common Entrance Test (CET) will be conducted as per rules & regulations of Council of Architecture, New Delhi.


A candidate to be eligible for the Masters Degree in Architecture by Papers & Dissertation shall be required to appear for and pass examinations as under:

1.           First Year M.Arch.                           SEM I AND SEM II

2.           Second Year M.Arch.                      SEM III AND SEM IV


a)       No candidate will be admitted to the M.Arch. First or Second, Third or Fourth Semester Examination unless he keeps terms in which the subjects prescribed for that Semester are taught at a College, affiliated to the University, and produces from the Principal of the College, testimonials of:

i)         Satisfactory attendance at the Theory, Practical, Tutorial and Sessional Work Classes, as prescribed.

ii)       Completion of at least 75 % of the Sessional Work if any, prescribed for the semester by securing at least 50 % marks prescribed for the same.

b)       No candidate will be examined for M.Arch. Fourth Semester Dissertation examination unless he keeps a term for his Dissertation at a College affiliated to the University and passes in all the Course work prescribed with 50 % aggregate marks, taken together.

c)       A term will comprise of about four calendar months as declared by the University from time to time.

d)       M.Arch. First, Second, Third and Fourth Semester Examinations will be held twice a year i.e. in December and May. Fourth Semester Examination for Dissertation alone will be held after fulfilling the requirements of Rule No. 3 (b).

e)       A candidate can appear at the end of the First Semester for M.Arch. First Semester Examinations

At the end of the Second Semester for M.Arch. Second Semester Examination or M.Arch. First and or Second Semester Examinations.

At the end of the Third Semester for M.Arch. Third Semester Examination and or any of the previous Semester Examinations.

At the end of Fourth Semester for M.Arch. Fourth Semester examination or any previous Semester Examinations.

Fourth Semester Examination for Dissertation is as per the requirements of Rule No. 3 (b).


·         In respect of Session~1 work in First, second, third and Fourth semesters, target date shall be fixed for the completion of each assignment. All the assignments shall be continuously assessed by the Internal Teacher during each semester.

·         An examiner for any of the subjects of examination from First to Third semester shall have minimum of 3 years of teaching I professional experience as per norms of Council of Architecture (COA).

·         To qualify as an External Examiner at Final Semester, the examiner shall have a minimum of 5 years of teaching I professional experience.

·         For sectional work viva voce for each subject a panel of examiners should be appointed which will have one internal examiner from college and one external examiner from other college and/or one examiner from profession.



The guideline for P.G. course norms of Council of Architecture from time to time should be strictly followed.


Student should complete the course within 7 years after taking the admission.



R.Arch. 1 : The Examination scheme for M.Arch. Course shall be according to structure and the Syllabi prescribed, for the course therefore, shall be subject to such revision, modification etc. as may be made by the Academic Council from time to time on the recommendation of the Boards of Studies under the Faculty.


R.Arch. 2 : At each Semester Examination

                 Paper Total
                 Sessional Work
                 Dissertation and Oral taken together

Wherever prescribed, shall each constitute a separate head of passing.
“Aggregate” (total marks) at M.Arch. First, Second, Third and Fourth Semester Examinations taken together and also Dissertation Examination will each constitute a separate ‘head of passing’.

Sessional Works

R.Arch. 3 : As per Rule No. 3 (a)


R.Arch. 4 : A candidate will be required to prepare and present paper for his Seminar work under the guidance of a teacher and this work shall be assessed by the concerned teacher and one more teacher.

Standard of Passing

R.Arch. 5 : To pass the M.Arch. Examination, a candidate must obtain a minimum of 45 % marks in each head of passing and also a minimum aggregate of 50 % of the total marks obtainable under First, Second, Third and Fourth Semester Examinations taken together.

Aggregate 66% or more: First Class with Distinction.
Aggregate 60% or more but less than 66% marks : First Class­
Aggregate 55% or more but less than 60% marks : Higher Second Class.
Aggregate 50% or more but less than 55% marks : Second Class