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Shri Prince Shivaji Maratha Boarding House
Inspired by the ideals of late Chhatrapati Rajarshi Shahu of Kolhapur, the institute was established in1920. It began as a free poor and the downtrodden communities, coming from all parts of Maharashtra and Karnataka states for the last 75 years. A considerable number of students have graduated from this institute and have achieved reputation in different walks of life. Many past students of this boarding have dedicated themselves, to the task of developing their almamater into a buzzing center of academic activities. Other than boarding activities, the institute provides academic facilities through the eight different educational institutes from kinder-garten to post graduation and professional education. College of Architecture is part of it.

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Late.Shri Vijayshinha S. Shinde

College of Architecture

Shri Prince Maratha Boarding House, Kolhapur, established College of Architecture in Kolhapur in the year 1984.Since its inception the college has carved out a name for itself as one of the best colleges in India. The College has not only achieved outstanding results in academics but won many feathers in the extra curricular activities. The college has produced several batches of architects who have embarked on a highly successful career. The glorious past and bright future of the college is the fruits of hard work, dedication, devotion and dynamism of our late principal Arch. VIJAYSINHA S. SHINDE, all faculty members and patronage of the mother institute